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Spa Branding-How To Create A Strong Brand?

Spa Branding

Creating a strong brand is an absolute must for any spa. It’s what gets the customers in, and it can be what keeps them coming back.

Good branding is unique, personal, and attractive, and gives the customer an idea of what to expect.

Before choosing your spa branding, you need to step back and consider the spa as a whole. What is it that makes your spa unique?

What features will attract people to your spa? Consider the services offered, the products used, and even your own personality.

The branding is what attracts potential clients to your spa before they even have a chance to step inside – and you don’t want to be giving them the wrong message. 

Logo Branding

The initial focus of your spa branding is the logo, and that means thinking about font and color. These seemingly small choices will be what comes to define your brand, so really take some time to think about it. 

The font is a shorthand for the brand you’re creating. Typefaces convey different personalities. By this point, you should have a good idea of the message you want from your branding.

Take the opportunity to consider the font in different sizes. Some that look fantastic when small will be lost when enlarged. Handwriting style fonts can often be illegible when minimized on marketing emails.

Color conveys feeling, and the right color choice will help build the atmosphere at your spa. A good rule is to pick a limited palette. This helps to maintain consistency, and it also benefits the calming vibe of a spa.

The colors used should reflect the services offered. For example, use gold accents for a luxury spa, greens for a holistic spa, and purple for a mature spa.

When choosing colors, remember that these will be reflected throughout your brand. Avoid any colors that won’t work with the interior. Otherwise, your branding won’t be clear. 

The final step to creating a logo is to consider the form. Do you want to use straight lines or curves across your branding? Are you aiming for stark simplicity or a friendly coziness? 

The next decision concerns the voice and tone of your spa. Friendly, knowledgeable, and reverent – the voice will carry across marketing, and reflect the culture of the spa. 

Finally, remember consistency. The brand has to be maintained throughout the interiors of the spa, across the website, and in all forms of marketing. Consider how the choices you make will adapt to all levels of the business.

Your brand is not about your logo and fonts. The look and feel of the spa are part of the branding as well.

Don’t be afraid to spend time and money on this. Your branding is what sells you to new customers, so it’s incredibly important.

It’s also an opportunity to reflect on the goals of your business. When you brand your spa, you can consider exactly what sort of space you intend for the spa to be.

What is a Good Brand Name for a Spa?

1. Advertising

Spas are a popular business, which can make thinking of a new and unique name difficult. When naming a spa, consider the overall personality of the business.

If relaxation is the primary aim of the spa, a name may make a reference to peacefulness. Spa names also tend to relate to concepts of beauty and health.

Names referencing mindfulness are another popular choice. Similarly, nature is often a key source of inspiration when naming a spa.

A good name for a spa may play on the theme of relaxation. Terms such as “peace”, “retreat”, “relax”, and “tranquility”, are all popular choices for spas. They convey to the customer that this is an opportunity to get away from it all, and a place where they’ll be looked after. 

Depending on the services offered by your spa, you may want to make references to beauty. For example, a spa that does nails or hair may include the word “luxe”.

Often, the style of a spa will use the business owner’s name in the brand. This gives the business a family touch and is a straightforward way of selling the business.

Another area to draw from is the concept of mindfulness. Consider words such as “purity”, “harmony”, “tranquility”, and “nirvana”.

Again, they relate to the feeling of relaxation. These names are particularly good for holistic spas, where a customer is expected to feel connected to the world. 

Finally, names that draw from the outdoors are a good choice. “Sea salt”, “still water”, and “blue mountain” – think of things in the environment that make you feel relaxed.

Even something as simple as your favorite flower can make a good name for a spa.

Don’t fear simplicity when choosing a name for your spa. Many spas pick their name based on their location, especially if they’re in a luxury area.

This acts as a shorthand for potential new customers, who can understand the significance of the area.

Although you may want to choose something completely off the wall, remember that a spa is a relaxing space. The customer may not be interested in a spa that seems strange and unusual.

While you may think you’re helping the business stand out, you could just be making potential customers uneasy. 

When picking a name, think of exactly what you want it to convey.

If you want your spa to feel like an escape from the real world, then make references to relaxation. Consider the name and how it relates to branding. For example, if you intend to use earth tones, choose a name related to the outdoors.

Your branding is quite important, so it does require care and attention.

The brand should allow the heart of the business, and even your own personality, to shine through. The best choice is a name and brand that appeals to you, and that you’re happy with. 

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