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8 Things You Can Do To Be A Better Spa Manager

When you are a spa manager, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration. No two days are the same, and it is a surprisingly tough role.

Essentially you are in charge of everything, from how the business is run, the treatments that are available, and also your employees. 

There are so many things to consider, that sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming. This is especially true for new spa managers. However, it does not need to be difficult, and there are many things you can do to ensure that you are a better spa manager. 

It is important to note that there is no “one size fits all” method when it comes to being a spa manager. What might work well for one spa manager, may not work well for another.

This is why it is so important to do what you feel is the best option. While it is great to have some points to work on, ultimately, only you can improve your managerial skills.

Even so, there are a handful of things that every spa manager should try to implement where possible. They are easy changes to make, and they can greatly help in making you a better spa manager.

1. Communication 

The first thing you will need to take into consideration is your communication skills. When you are a manager, one of the most important things you can do is listen and communicate well.

Communication is needed in all aspects of the business, from listening to your employees and customers to building important business connections and relationships. Without communication, you cannot be a successful manager.

Ideally, you will want to encourage open conversations so that your employees feel like they can approach you with any queries and concerns they may have. You will also want to clearly communicate what is expected from each job role, and the direction you want your spa business to take. 

The way in which you listen is just as important as the way in which you speak and communicate, too. You can find more in-depth articles on this subject at HBR.

2. Provide Support

One of the most important things you can do as a manager is to provide a good amount of support for your employees. You want to ensure that the workplace is a safe and open environment where all employees can be happy.

An important aspect of this is supported. You will want to be an approachable manager that does not judge or shout at employees. Instead, you will want to be understanding and provide a listening ear to any problems they may have. 

While there are targets and expectations for your staff members to achieve, if they are struggling, you will want to have the correct support on hand to help them. Support can cover many areas, from employees needing support in their role, and further training, to support with personal or family issues. 

The more welcoming and supportive you are, the more honest and comfortable your employees will be. This not only helps to resolve their issues, but it gives them confidence and reassurance in you as the manager too. 

You will want to maintain your professionalism while offering support, but you can do this in a way that allows you to be an approachable and reasonable manager that deals well with delicate situations.

3. Be An Example To Employees

Being a good example to your employees is so important. After all, you will want your employees to look up to you, and that requires a level of professionalism and respect. 

While it is great to build up a good relationship with your employees, you will want to do this in a professional manner. When it comes to talking to clients, you will want to lead by example to show your employees what you expect from them. 

If you are not being a good example to employees, then you cannot expect them to act in a specific way. You want them to understand that you do take the role seriously and that there are targets and goals to achieve. 

4. Company Goals 

To be a better spa manager. You will want to ensure that all of your employees are on the same page when it comes to work and expectations. You will need to be able to manage the expectations well, to ensure that everyone is on track. 

Everyone should always be aware of what is expected of them so that there are no surprises, and so that everyone is happy and confident in their role. Goals are important within a company as they are something to aim for and achieve. Goals help to propel the company forward and are important to put in place clearly. 

5. Be Prepared To Be Wrong

This is something that many managers will struggle with because there is a level of pride attached to admitting that you are wrong. However, managers are not immune to being wrong, and as a manager, this is something you will need to be prepared for. 

You want your employees and clients to be comfortable enough to challenge something you may have said that is incorrect. As a manager, you should be able to take this constructive criticism on board and allow it to help you improve in the role. 

Constructive criticism is important for everyone, even managers, and you should always try to deal with this in the best possible way. Humbling yourself will drastically improve your relationship with colleagues, and it will also help to improve the business as a whole too. 

6. Ask Colleagues for Their Opinions

Asking for the advice and opinions of their colleagues and employees is something that not all managers will do. However, it can significantly improve how well-suited you are to a managerial role. 

Asking for advice allows colleagues to feel heard and valued within the company, which is great for building a relationship with employees.

In addition to these, managers can often be apart from the day-to-day running of the business. As a result, the employees that are involved with this may have some great suggestions you have not considered or thought of. 

7. Managing Expectations

This is something that we have already touched upon, but it is very important to consider. If you want to be a better manager, you will need to be prepared to have more difficult conversations about an employee’s progress.

While this is something that is not always easy to do, colleagues do need to be held accountable if they are in the wrong, or are not meeting their goals. Managing expectations is essential for everyone, and also the business too.

8. Rewarding Employees

Rewarding your employees is an important part of being a good manager. If your employees receive praise when they do well, or extra treats or bonuses, then their work ethic will improve. It will also help to improve your relationship with your colleagues too. 

We hope these tips will help you on your way to becoming a better spa manager. While there are other aspects to consider too, these tips are particularly useful and successful. 

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