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10 Questions To Ask In A Customer Satisfaction Survey

When it comes to running a successful spa business, receiving honest and open feedback from customers is so important. 

Customer satisfaction surveys are a fantastic way for your customers to provide feedback that is anonymous. Keeping the feedback anonymous, enables the customers to be as honest and open in their surveys as possible.

These surveys allow you to provide your employees with feedback, both positive and constructive, and they can really help you to move your spa in the right direction.

Your Customer’s Happiness Is The Key To Success

When you own a spa business, your clients are at the heart of your business. If your customers are not happy, then your business can quickly become stagnant, and you may even lose clients over time. 

The best way to know whether or not your customers are happy is to provide them with the opportunity to let you know. 

When you think about experiences with a business, while some people will provide feedback even when they are not asked, the vast majority of people will not. This is especially true if they have had a bad experience.

Instead of letting the company know, more often than not, a customer will not return and will use a different company instead.

A customer satisfaction survey will encourage customers that have had a more negative experience to share their thoughts and feelings in a way that is comfortable for them. 

Naturally, the aim when owning a business is to receive good feedback. However, this does not mean that you should look at constructive feedback in a negative light because it will help you to improve in the future. 

If you are looking to set up a customer satisfaction survey, there are many websites you can choose to use. However, one of the most popular options to use is Survey Monkey. It allows you to tailor the questions to suit your spa in particular, and it is an easy and accessible method to use.

Utilizing The Potential of Retaining Customers 

customer satisfaction survey

Customer satisfaction surveys are something that is not a new concept. The vast majority of people will use these surveys because they work, and are particularly helpful. The great thing about these surveys is that each business can tailor the questions to be specific, and you can do the same in regard to your spa.

However, the majority of customers will not tend to fill out a customer satisfaction survey off their own backs. A handful of people will, but the majority will not. This is why you will need to look into ways in which you can encourage a customer to leave you feedback. 

Through this feedback, you can then ensure that your spa reaches the standards you want it to, and you can work on any criticisms you may have.

You will want to use these surveys as an opportunity to make your business work as best as possible, rather than them being a negative experience to read through. 

If you have recently set up a customer satisfaction survey, but you are finding that you are not receiving enough feedback, here are some things you can implement:


The most important thing you can do is to provide an incentive. If the client is aware that they will get something back as a result of completing the survey, then they are going to be more likely to leave feedback.

In addition to this, the reward can also encourage positive feedback because you are giving back to the customer as a “Thank You”. Ultimately, what you choose to give as a reward is entirely up to you. It could be a 5% off their next treatment or a free sampler pot of lotion. It really is up to you. 

Length of the Survey

The length of the survey is important, and the survey should be short and sweet. The vast majority of people will not want to spend their time having to fill out a survey. If it takes too long to fill out, the customer will likely get fed up and leave the survey incomplete.

This is why it is important to keep the questions short, and concise, while also leaving the client with the opportunity to share their thoughts in a longer comment if they wish to.

Keep it Relevant

Relevancy is so important when it comes to a customer satisfaction survey, and you will want to ensure that the customer is only answering questions relevant to their experiences and the treatments they received. This is why the option of selecting N/A or skipping irrelevant questions is important. 

10 questions to ask in a customer satisfaction survey

The questions you will want to ask in your survey will vary, and you will want to make them specific to your spa. However, the question we have listed below are great examples of the kinds of things you can ask. 

1. Did you find the booking experience easy?



(If no, please specify)

2. How did you choose to book your appointment?





Other (please specify)

3. How satisfied on a scale of 1-10 were you with our reception desk staff during your visit?

1 – 10 scale

4. Did you receive your treatment at the time specified?



(If no, please specify why)

5. What treatment did you receive?

List of treatments in multiple choice 

6. Who carried out your treatment?

List of employees here, with an option to skip if they are unsure/don’t want to answer.

7. Were you happy with the treatment you received?



8. What were your thoughts on the treatment you received?

Comment box for the customer to answer here

9. On a scale of 1-10 how happy were you with the treatment, and would you recommend our services to a friend? 

1–10 scale 



10. Do you have any other comments on how to improve your experience?

Comment box here

Rounding Up the Survey

When you are rounding up your survey, you will want to ensure that you have asked everything you want to. You can choose to add more or less than 10 questions depending on the feedback you want to have.

However, the survey should be quick, clear, and easy to understand. 

When it comes to negative feedback, you will want to work on this, and potentially reach out to the customer to personally apologize too. The customer will really appreciate this. 

As you can see, customer satisfaction surveys are so important and useful when utilized correctly. 

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