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8 Spa Ideas For Limited Space

8 Small Spa Ideas

A common problem and complaint I hear from new small spa businesses are that they don’t have a lot of room. Because their business is just starting, they can’t afford to set up in a large building with plenty of large spa rooms. 

This is a common complaint – but you can do a lot with just a few small rooms for your spa. 

If you want to find out some ideas on how to utilize your limited amount of space best with your spa, then check out these ideas down below.

With these 8 spa ideas, you can make your spa rooms feel more spacious and liberating, even if they are very small. 

Share Rooms

Share Rooms

For your customer’s ultimate comfort, you may be tempted to put a single bed in every single spa you have available – but this is not always the best way to make use of the limited amount of space in your spa. 

If you have a particularly large room that can fit two beds or massage tables, then it might be best to fit two beds in there so you can treat two clients at the same time. 

A lot of customers turn up in pairs and want to have treatment alongside a friend or partner so by admitting them to the same room, you can save up space and have room for another client! 

Of course, it’s not recommended to put two strangers together but if a customer is ever booking for two, you can always give them the option to share a room, leaving the spare room open to fit in another client. 

Use Shelves

This may seem like an obvious choice, but it is surprising how many spa rooms I have seen where the owner has insisted on setting up lots of tables and counters, making the room feel unnecessarily cluttered and cramped. 

Using shelves in your spa rooms means that your therapists can store their equipment up high and out of the way of your client’s space. You can also decorate these shelves with candles, sculptures, and trinkets to bring a little bit of character to your spa rooms! 

Hooks are also a great way to store towels and robes, so they are up and out of the way of your customer’s feet.

This also gives your customer somewhere safe where they can store their clothes once they have undressed for their treatment. 

Under Bed Storage

Under Bed Storage

Another great place to store equipment like towels and robes is under the massage bed itself. 

Because it’s out of the way, a lot of therapists forget that they can use that space too. There’s plenty of room under there for storage, and you can always hide the clutter by covering the massage bed with a long sheet that flows over the sides.

This means you can hide a lot of clutter out of sight for your customers and still make it easily accessible for your therapists.

To increase the ambiance, you can also install lights underneath the bed to improve the cozy, comfortable atmosphere your spa rooms should feature. 

Soften The Lighting 

Lighting is one of the most important factors to consider when setting up your spa rooms. 

If you make it too dark, your therapists and customers will be fumbling around. However, too much light can be a bit of a headache and make your spa room feel cold and clinical.

Not only that, but too much bright light can also highlight how small and cramped your spa room is. This can negatively affect your customer’s experience, so try and find a nice medium.

Using soft, low lighting through tea lights and candles is a great way to achieve this. Natural light is also very rejuvenating, so don’t completely block out any windows. Instead, try to soften the light from them with curtains or blinds.

Amp Up The Coziness

There is a difference between cramped and cozy, and you can transform a spa room from one into the other just with a few certain features. 

Making your spa room a cozy paradise can be easily achieved by adding a plush rug, decorative cushions, candles or tealights, and a few homey decorations.

Not only will this make your spa room feel far more comfortable for your customer, but it creates an almost familiar atmosphere that will help them unwind and make themselves at home in your spa room. 

Spa Ideas to Keep Clutter To A Minimum

Too much decoration can be a bad thing, and no rooms feel worse than small spa rooms. 

This is because when you have limited space, filling every nook and cranny with potted plants, towels, cotton balls, candles, sculptures, and stones – all adds up and creates a chaotic vibe that can seriously impact your customer’s experience. 

There’s nothing wrong with keeping things simplistic and cutting back on the clutter to help maximize the space on offer. So, when decorating your room, first add the necessary items (like towels and lotions) and then see if you have any room for some extra decorations.

This method will prevent you from going overboard with the decorations and cutting down on the limited amount of space you already have. 

Use A Light Color Palette

Use A Light Color Palette

Using a light color palette for your spa rooms can help trick the eye into thinking that there is more space in a room than there is.

This little optical illusion is why homes and houses often have their interior rooms painted white or cream – so potential buyers feel like rooms are larger and airier than they are. 

You can use this optical illusion to make your spa rooms feel more spacious, but be careful – too much white and cream can create a clinical vibe that many clients may feel uncomfortable with. 

So, when it comes to furniture and decorations, try contrasting these light walls with something dark – like dark wooden furniture. This contrast also helps fool the eye to think there is more space in a room than there is. 

However, you should avoid patterns and try to keep your walls, curtains, blinds, sheets, and linen as plain as possible. This is because patterns can be very busy and reduce the visual space of a room.

You can read more on the psychology of color and effect.



Reflective surfaces like mirrors or glass are a great way to help enlarge a room, plus this can add a very sophisticated feel to your spa room. 

However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Glass and mirrors are very easy to break so you may want to keep these materials to a minimum to reduce the chances of any breakages or injuries caused by shattered glass.

So, make sure your mirrors are secured and that you don’t use glass on heavy-duty surfaces like counters or side tables. 


Spa rooms should not be cramped, cluttered spaces. Instead, they should be relaxing, calm, calming places where customers can relax, unwind and enjoy their time away from the stresses of everyday life. 

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to transform your small spa rooms into cozy retreats that your customers will love. 

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