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Updating Your Spa For Men: Top Tips For The New Era Of Spa-goers

Updating Your Spa For Men Top Tips For The New Era Of Spa-goers
Have you noticed a shift in the market and are wondering how to update your spa to accommodate male clientele? Perhaps you have noticed more men attending your spa and want to make changes to your environment. Or maybe you are curious and want to know more? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you! More men are visiting spas, undergoing treatments, or enjoying a relaxing afternoon by themselves. But these spaces are traditionally female and aren’t always a designed fit for men. No one wants their spa to have the vibe that it’s women only, but with so many female customers, it’s easy to fall into the trap and only cater to them! Before we know it, our spas seem inadequate, and we fear we could miss out on this new custom. After all, none of us want spas that aren’t inclusive and welcoming to everyone, do we? But fear not! We have the solution for you! Keep reading for some top tips on updating your spa to welcome men and the new era of spa-goers!

Men Using Spas: Where Is This Change Coming From?

While many of us view visiting the spa as a traditionally female experience, it isn’t entirely true! Evidence has shown that men have enjoyed dipping themselves in healing waters in the past, as far back as the Ancient Greeks and Romans! So the return of men to spas is simply men returning to something they once enjoyed. Or is there more at play here? Let’s take a closer look! Recent reports have shown that 49% of spa-goers in the US are men! These figures are up from 29% of men using spas in 2005. So what’s causing this change? Part of it is that men don’t view spas as places only for pampering, as they previously did. Nor are spas viewed by people as spaces only for women. Today, spas are seen as places where people go for their wellness regime. As a society, we are more educated on visiting spas’ physical and mental health benefits, with men and women taking more interest in their well-being. More of us want to take better care of ourselves, and if visiting a spa is how to do that, then men and women will do that! We also see a breakdown of gender norms and roles in Western society. The conversation is shifting, and more people accept that “gendering” activities, traits, and hobbies have no place in our society. With this breakdown comes an acceptance for men to partake in once considered female or feminine activities and vice versa. These factors have led to more men attending spas, whether with friends, their partners, or by themselves.

Male Spa-goers – Some Interesting Stats

Let’s find out a little more about the typical male spa-goer! Understanding the average habits and treatments used can help you tailor your spa and meet the needs of men. Below are some statistics to look at and hopefully learn more about an exciting demographic of spa guests.
    • Men are 51% more likely to visit a spa alone than with a partner.
    • Men are more likely to book fitness and sports services, deep tissue massage services, and skin care services.
    • Typically, men spend less on spa services than the average woman.
    • More men will go to the spa to purchase retail products either some or all of the time, and this is more often than women go to a spa with this intention.
    • Men are more likely to make a retail purchase at a spa than women.
    • Most men have no preference for the gender of the service provider, whereas more women prefer a female service provider than a male one.
    • More men than women like the idea of a technology ban in spas, and would be encouraged to visit a spa because of one.
    So what do these statistics show us? They show us the area’s spas can focus on increasing male custom in their spa. It also allows us to note patterns from what is creeping to become half of their customer base! With the increasing demand in spa retail, you might want to expand the skincare offered or include male skincare products such as beard balms or oils if you currently do not. You will want to adapt to meet the new demand that is waiting at your door. To help you generate some ideas, we have the following areas to update your spa to make it more inclusive and suitable for men. Doing this could see an increase in male custom and your sales! Let’s take a look at the areas where you can make changes.

    Offer More

    You could start by expanding what you offered. Fitness offerings, like gyms, are usually considered separate from spas. But as so many men attend spas for fitness purposes, merging the two could be a fantastic way to get more men through your doors. Incorporating a relaxing massage for tight muscles, or a facial massage, could be the perfect combination for men. If possible, expanding and offering a separate fitness suite could intrigue more men to enter your spa or walk away from their current gym. Expanding in this nature will not be possible for everyone, but it’s an idea worth considering if you can. If not, there are other ways that you could expand what your spa offers. Have a look at your space and the statistics listed above to see if there’s a way you could make your spa more appealing to men.

    Consider The Space

    Traditionally, male locker rooms are ¼ of the size of women’s locker rooms. Usually, this is down to women typically having their children in the changing room with them and needing more space, but it isn’t always the case. For example, in spas, female locker rooms are larger because more females use spas. But as the statistics show us, times are changing! In an attempt to attract more male customers, increasing the locker room space is a good idea. Alternatively, you can consider shared locker rooms that instead feature private showers and cubicles for the guests. This allows all your guests to have plenty of room regardless of their gender. Co-ed facilities are becoming more popular in spas across the country, so why not join in with the trend?

    Consider Your Treatments And Retail On Offer

    Another area to consider is the treatments that you offer. In some cases, 90% of a spa’s treatment menu will be targeted toward women, with just a small selection of treatments for men. A move forward could be to eliminate the ‘male’ treatment list and merge the lists as one. That way, both men and women can read through the list and find the treatment they want. It helps the spa seem more inclusive and applies to everyone. It can also be more accessible to those that don’t align themselves with either gender. These days, there is no need for a separate page of treatments for men that leaves off pedicures and facials. Having all the treatments on one page allows your guests to get the treatment that they want! As we mentioned earlier, men are more likely to purchase than women at a spa, so be sure that your retail section reflects this! You will want a wide range of products available for men to purchase. Ideally, a range of products is used in the treatments you have on offer, and some additional skincare and wellness products. If men come to the spa and look to spend money, you will want to offer them good quality products to spend their money on!

    Adjust Your Marketing

    Another way to update your spa is to consider the marketing tools you are currently using. Spa marketing currently is heavily focused on attracting women, but including men in your marketing campaign will help them feel better represented and feel more welcome and comfortable attending your spa. Whether this is done by including more men in spa photography or videos online, there are plenty of ways to increase male precedence in your marketing and attract them to your spa! We can also expect to see more spa-related ads on male-focused websites too in an attempt to drum up more customers. Why not consider this too and find some creative ways you can welcome men to your spa? There are plenty of opportunities when it comes to marketing!

    Final Word

    And there you have it, a few different ways that you can update your spa to welcome men! With more and more men visiting spas and spending their money there, updating your spa is a surefire way to attract more business and appeal to a whole new demographic! Whether you incorporate a few or all of these methods, you can expect your spa to see more male customers than before! Remember, you are creating an inclusive space for everyone, regardless of their gender. Making these changes will transform your spa into an inclusive environment that people are sure to love.

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