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6 Popular Spa Services For Male Clientele

Six Popular Spa Services For Male Clientele

It is a common misconception that men do not attend the spa as much as their female counterparts. In this article, we will discuss 6 popular spa services for male clientele.

In recent years, the number of men who enjoy the spa experience has increased massively, to the point that men now amount to nearly half of the spa clientele.

Many men have stressful and pressurizing jobs and busy home life, and so benefit from attending a spa to relax and unwind. Also, men are indulging more in keeping in shape and in their personal wellness.

While it is widely believed that men don’t need to care about their appearance as there is little pressure on them in this regard, this is simply untrue.

There are very specific beauty standards for men which require treatments and care.

Without further ado, we’re going to dive into and explore the six most popular spa services for men.

What Do Men Expect From A Spa?

Men are often after some self-care at the spa, or some treatments to help them with the aches and sore muscles that they may have accumulated from the gym or sports.

The most successful spas and spa treatments for men have tailored more simple treatments, making sure that they are not over the top, but still feel great.

It may be a generalization, but most men are looking for the following when it comes to getting treatment at a spa:

  • Physically effective treatment. They want to appreciate the difference between when they walked into the spa and when they walked out. This could come in the form of relaxed muscles after a massage or soft hydrated skin after a facial.
  • A more active spa experience. Some men really enjoy the active side of the spa so they would want a swimming pool or a jacuzzi available for them to use.
  • Make them feel youthful and fresh-looking.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the top male spa services offered by spas today.

Common Spa Treatments For Men

Common Spa Treatments For Men

Below is a breakdown of the six most popular spa treatments for men.


We’re going to start off with a simple and straightforward spa treatment that will undoubtedly benefit anyone who takes the jump and goes for it! The massage.

A massage is great for so many reasons. If you are a sporty man who often has muscle tension due to participating in a sport, a massage can help so much!

A full body massage will not only relax your aching muscles, but it will also allow you some time to wind down and reflect on any stresses you might be experiencing at work or at home.

Many massages also include a scalp massage which is super relaxing.

After having attended a massage, many men report that they understand the importance of self-care more than ever and that they want to try more spa treatments so that they can experience more benefits.

The Spa at Palms, Las Vegas provides a great gentlemen’s massage which consists of a back and foot massage using popular exfoliation creams and great products.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massages are more often used to treat strains or injuries that occur due to sports. These are usually carried out by applying pressure slowly and deeply to the muscles.

These massages work very well in reducing the tension in the muscles and helping them to heal. They focus less on relaxation, and more on helping to treat injuries and muscle pain.

There are many benefits of deep tissue massage including:

  • Physical benefits
  • Psychological benefits

Most spas that provide massages also provide deep-tissue massage options.

Facial Massage

A facial is a great introduction to the world of spa treatment. Men have increasing pressure on the health of their skin.

They have, in some ways more than women, a lot of stress to look youthful and glowing no matter what their lifestyle.

A facial is really beneficial to the skin while relaxing. As men usually use fewer products than women on their faces, facials often have dramatic results from a facial in terms of hydrating their skin.

The Gentlemen’s Facial which you can get at the Spa at Norwich Inn in Connecticut is a great example of a facial for men that is very popular.

At this spa, as with many others, the service will kick off with a consultation that considers which products would be best for each individual. If the client’s concern is sun damage, specific products will be used for this.

Most facials consist of a deep cleansing session, to begin with, followed by an exfoliation and steam. Then, a face mask will be applied and removed. Most facials will also include a hand, neck, scalp, and face massage.

Often, you will be sent away with advice on which products are best to use which is often appreciated by those who are new to the spa treatments as they are looking for a home care regime but often don’t know where to begin.

Facials For Acne Prone Skin

If you have certain skin conditions or requirements, there are certain facials that you can get to benefit your skin type.

For instance, if you have sensitive skin or acne-prone skin, you can get facials that are good for soothing or for clearing out the pores.

You can also ensure that the spa does not use products that will aggravate sensitive skin or skin conditions. You will leave feeling fresh and clean, and positive that you won’t have a reaction or a breakout due to the treatment.

When you get a facial, you can also ask for advice on home treatments for your skin. Ideally, the same range of products as your facial, especially if your skin tolerated these well.

Often, they will be able to provide you with some creams to take home so that you can ensure you are looking after your skin as well as you can!

Sauna And Steam Rooms

Saunas and steam rooms are available at most spas across the country and they are very popular among the male clientele!

These rooms have many benefits, giving the opportunity to cleanse and detoxify, as well as relax. They also have a great benefit when it comes to easing muscle pain from sports or the gym.

Because these rooms are so readily available, most men do not shy away from them, making them one of the most popular spa treatments for males. Step into one of these rooms and sweat away your worries!


Water-based spa treatments are becoming increasingly popular due to their relaxing nature. Many men find these treatments very effective because they are able to remain active while also relaxing their bodies.

Usually, these treatments work by using high-pressure jets underwater to blast your body. There are many benefits of these water-based treatments, including:

  • Opening your pores and cleansing your skin
  • Toning skin and muscles
  • Improving circulation

These treatments are commonly available and are great fun to participate in!

Other Treatments For Men To Enjoy

Other Treatments For Men To Enjoy

There are also many other treatments that men can enjoy at the spa. These include

  • Manicure and pedicure. A mani-pedi for a male includes getting your feet scrubbed, and your nails trimmed and, if you choose to, polished. You can get a clear polish, or you can just leave your nails natural. Keeping your nails nice and healthy is very important, and a mani-pedi for a male is definitely worth a try!
  • Acupuncture is also a great spa treatment that many men benefit from! If you find yourself getting headaches often, facial acupuncture may help you a lot. It can also help to relax your muscles if you find yourself frowning. This can provide a natural facelift!
  • Hot stone massages are great. Warm stones will be placed in different positions on your body. They work by balancing the energy flow and by encouraging muscle healing. These are quite similar to acupuncture and are proven to be very successful.
  • A body scrub is very popular for men. You can have whole-body exfoliation, which will help if you suffer from spots on your back or chest. It will also help if you shave your chest to make sure you treat the area to avoid rashes and ingrown hairs.

Benefits Of The Spa For Men

The spa has many benefits for men, and these are explored below.

Health And Wellness

There are many health benefits to taking some time out and relaxing during a day at the spa. Engaging in manicures and massages is becoming more and more normal for men due to the stress of the world around them.

Treating yourself to a pamper day is not just reserved for women, men can enjoy it too! The treatments have many benefits for your mind and body, including relaxation, stress relief, and improved sleep quality.

Good For Your Skin And Preventing Aging

Facials are great for men as they have many important benefits. For instance, receiving a facial at the spa will help you to cleanse the skin, helping to remove any dead skin cells that may have settled on the skin.

It will also deeply moisturize the skin if it is dry. Any damage caused by the sun or the environment can be repaired using the correct products during a facial.

Men’s faces go through quite a lot every day during shaving, so these facials can help to recuperate the skin and relieve any burns caused by shaving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Spas Just For Women?

No, they are not just for women! Men are just as welcome in any spa and, in fact, they make up almost half of the clientele in most spas.

Most spas are gender-neutral and are set up to cater to both men and women. While it is often seen as a female trope to attend a spa, there is no reason why men should not also get the benefits of spa treatments and massages.

What Are Men’s Favorite Spa Treatments?

The most popular spa treatment for men is massage, which is common for men by quite a long way.

Pedicures and facials are a joint second as men enjoy pampering and taking care of their skin. When it comes to the more niche treatments like hydrotherapy and acupuncture, 50% of men show a strong interest.

Is A Pedicure Worth The Cost For Men?

A pedicure can be quite expensive so you may be wondering if it’s worth the cost for men, who rarely want color put onto their nails.

However, there is a lot more to manicures and pedicures than this. You get your hands soaked and treated, and your nail cuticles clipped back and treated.

Final Thoughts

Men attending the spa is becoming an increasingly common experience, and there are many benefits of this!

Having read this article, you should now have an idea about six popular treatments for men and why they are beneficial.

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