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How Do I Secure Clients For A Spa?

How Do I Get Clients For A Spa?

In this article, I will be chatting you through the easiest ways in which you can get more clients for a spa.

Owning a spa is a fantastic experience. However, when it comes to ensuring that you have enough clients to keep the business running, it can be worrying if you have noticed a recent decline. 

This is only natural with any type of business, and there will be times when the business is busier or quieter than usual.

As you won’t want it to be quiet for too long, you will want to put some steps in place to help increase the number of clients you have.

These tips are particularly helpful if you are a new spa looking for customers, or you are an older spa that is looking for a new spark. 

How Do I Get Clients For A Spa?

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1. Advertising 

The fastest way to gain clients for your spa is by advertising. Without advertising there is only so far you will be able to get as a vast majority of clients find businesses through advertising. 

When it comes to advertising, this can take so many forms, from physical to online. I would recommend that you advertise your spa wherever it’s possible to reach your target market.

This can include in-store windows, in magazines, on social media, and in hair and beauty salons.

You can choose to use posters, flyers, and business cards. The aim of advertising is to help your business further its reach. Given this, you will want to use as many advertising techniques as possible.

While you can pay significant amounts of money to advertise your spa, there are ways in which you can do this for free or keep the costs down if you are on more of a budget. 

2. Social Media

The second way to get clients is through using social media. Social media is a powerful tool when utilized correctly, and can make a spa company increase significantly in popularity.

You will want to make use of different social media tools, such as videos, posts, IGTV, and even TikTok videos. The more popular your business page is, the more likely it is that people are going to take notice and want to visit your spa. 

3. Networking

Networking is a fantastic way of gaining new clients. You can choose to network both online and offline with other businesses.

By doing this, your spa will be exposed to a wider audience that may be interested in the treatments you have to offer. 

In addition to this, by raising awareness of other companies, you will form a great relationship with similar companies, which is useful. 

4. Hosting Giveaways and Competitions

A lot of companies will avoid giveaways or competitions due to the costs involved. However, it is something I would highly recommend. Clients love competition, and this is a great way to attract new customers. 

If you are encouraging clients that enter the competition to share it on their social media accounts, this will help you to improve your exposure, which in turn brings in more clients. 

When it comes to competition, you have to weigh up how much the cost will value your company in the long run, especially if new clients are booking treatments.

5. Updated Website

If you want to appeal to clients, and you want to encourage them to visit your spa, you will need to have an updated website. On your website, you will want to include a price list, where you are based, your opening hours, and contact details. 

I would also recommend including positive reviews and high-quality photos of the spa too. If the website is easy to use and navigate, this is going to be more likely to get more clients for a spa, in comparison to using an outdated, and clunky website. 

6. Loyalty System

6. Loyalty System

Having a loyalty system in place is so important. This will encourage new clients to visit a spa, as they will be receiving something back as a reward for booking treatments.

In addition to this, it encourages loyalty and increased visits. If they make friends and family aware of this reward system, it is likely that they will want to visit the spa too. 

7. Referral Program

Following on from a loyalty system, you could also choose to implement a referral program too. These are particularly useful if you have a loyal client base.

The referral program will encourage them to bring in new clients for you, in return for a small reward. This is a popular option that does work well and is worth considering.

8. Promotions

If you offer promotions on the treatments you have available, this can attract new clients to your spa. Clients love to save money, and this is a great way for them to experience a favorite treatment, or something new.

While you do not need to run a constant promotion, these can be run every few months if you are in need of a few more clients.

They are quite popular around the holiday periods, as people may choose to purchase them as a gift for themselves or for a loved one. 

Gift cards are another great option to consider.

9. Rebranding

Finally, if you are still having trouble with not having enough clients at your spa, it may be worth looking into rebranding. This could be as simple as changing your logo to be more on-trend or giving the spa a lick of paint.

Updating things, even slightly, can have a big impact on your business as a whole and is something you should definitely take into consideration. 


I hope you have found this article insightful. There are many ways in which you can gain clients for a spa. However, it is important to remember that this does take time.

If you do not have many clients at the moment, this is only natural and something you shouldn’t beat yourself up over. Using these techniques will help to alter this. 

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