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Best 41 Spa Quotes For Instagram

41 Spa & Massage Therapy Quotes (Pampering & Relaxation)

When it comes to running your spa’s social media, a great way to convey your business’s goals and the atmosphere is to post inspirational quotes that all relate to themes of massage therapy, pampering, and relaxation – but where can you find a good source for such quotes? 

Well, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with this collection of 41 different spa quotes for Instagram that all relate perfectly to spas, salons and massage businesses. Check out these choices below and use them for your own spa’s social media! 

Why Your Spa’s Social Media Is So Important

I have come across a few spas in my time that refuse to set up social media accounts for their business. They have their professional website, so why do they need to bother with other platforms like Instagram? 

The thing is that social media is used today by many businesses to help promote their business and draw in more customers.

It’s such an important tool for all kinds of businesses (not just spas!) to help build a brand image and have themselves recommended to new potential customers. 

If you have a customer come in for a simple massage, they are far more likely to boast about it on social media – thus spreading the message of your business.

If you have an account on their favorite social media platform, then your business could be tagged and easily linked to new potential customers, making it super simple for them to find you. 

Not only that but having a social media account is a great way to keep your regulars updated on news, promote deals, and spread the news about any last-minute openings. 

So, a social media presence is a must – but an empty account is far less likely to appear on your client’s recommended lists and pop up on their feeds. 

This means you need to make regular posts to generate traffic and trick the social media algorithm to recommend your business’s social media to new future clients.

However, an easy way to do this is to upload some inspirational spa quotes. 

Spa quotes are a great way to fill up the word count for a post and still post something relevant to your business’s image.

Not only does this method improve your reputation and convey your business’s goals and vibe, but it can also inspire those who have seen it to book an appointment with you and generate some profit. 

It’s a win-win situation! 

So, check out these 41 inspirational massage therapy and spa quotes for Instagram that you can across your social media accounts. I would highly recommend it! 

My Favorite Spa Quotes for Instagram

Spa quotes for Instagram

Here are some of my favorite quotes about spas and massage therapy that you can take inspiration from and use on your business’s social media.

Each one is relevant and can help you generate that content so you can draw in more new clients. 

  1. “Relax Like Your Life Depends On It!” 

Frequent relaxation and meditation are the keys to a happier and healthier life. When under great stress and strain, a simple trip to your spa can feel like the difference between life and death – so remind your clients that.

  1. “Spa Is An International Word – One Whose Meaning Is The Same In Any Language”

This is a great quote for reminding your customers how it’s a universal need to pamper and relax oneself through massage and spa treatments. 

  1. “It’s Not Selfish To Love Yourself, Take Care Of Yourself, And To Make Your Happiness A Priority. It’s Necessary.” 

One of the biggest reasons why your client may be holding back from another visit is due to not wanting to spoil themselves – but as this quote proves, a trip to the spa is a necessity. 

  1. “A Beautiful Day At The Spa Is What I Call Heaven On Earth.” 

This quote is great for reminding your clients just how a trip to your spa can make them feel, so don’t let them forget just how amazing the experience is! 

  1. “Relaxing Brings Weakness When Done By A Muscle, But Brings Strength When Done By A Person.” 

A lot of people sometimes draw back from therapy and treatments because they feel like they should be able to soldier on through all their strife. However, this is not the case as relaxing ourselves is a great way to strengthen ourselves too, as this quote demonstrates.

  1. “Give Your Body A Little Love, It Deserves It.” 

Sometimes we can feel a little guilty about treating ourselves to a pamper session so remind your customers that they deserve the treatments on offer at your spa as a way to entice them in.

  1. “Tension Is Who You Think You Should Be. Relaxation Is Who You Are.” 

Tension is bad for your body and this quote does great at explaining the difference between feeling tense and feeling relaxed. It also inspires your clients to chase who they are – someone who deserves to feel relaxed and free of any strain. 

  1. “A Good Weekend Starts With A Positive Attitude And A Great Massage.” 

This quote is a great way to draw your customers in over the weekend. Remind them how a simple massage can be the key to starting their weekend with a bang, and you may get a few impromptu bookings! 

  1. “A Massage Is Just Like A Movie, Really Relaxing And A Total Escape, Except In A Massage You’re The Star – And You Don’t Miss Anything By Falling Asleep!”

I love this quote because it does hit the nail on the head! Plus, it’s a great way to remind everyone that there’s no shame if you fall asleep during a massage because you will still feel the effects afterward (plus, everyone does it!). 

  1. “You’re Only One Massage Away From A Good Mood!”

Imagine this: it’s been a long hard day at work and you’re in a foul mood. You open up your Instagram to see this quote and decide the best way to fix yourself is to get a massage. This is the power of inspirational spa quotes! 

  1. “Sometimes The Best Thing To Do Is Just Call It A Day And Go Get A Massage.” 

Relationship breakdowns, tough days at work, exhausting projects taking so much of your time – all of these things are what can drag your client’s mood and wellbeing down during their day. This quote here reminds them to take a break and to treat themselves because it’s the best thing to do. 

  1. “Great Skin Doesn’t Happen By Chance, It Happens By Appointment.” 

This quote reminds your clients that you have treatments and therapies available that can help with all sorts of ailments. One huge complaint I commonly hear is about skin conditions – so remind your clients that a pathway to great skin leads right to your spa! 

  1. “Invest In Your Body, Your Soul Will Thank You.”

Massage therapy and spa treatments are also great for improving your spiritual side as well as your mental, emotional and physical selves – so don’t let your clients forget it!  

  1. “A Healthy Body Is A Guest-Chamber For The Soul.” 

You may have often heard the phrase that your body is a temple, and this quote here perfectly conveys that saying. 

  1. “Less Stress, More Facials.” 

This is a fun, simple quote that you can upload to give your business a more cheery and friendly personality. 

  1. “Too Zen To Give A Damn!” 

Funny quotes like this one work great for creating a personal, friendly relationship between you and your clients. 

  1. “Relax, Refresh, Recharge.” 

This simple mantra is the key to remembering just what everyone needs to do to get back to their usual selves. 

  1. “Self-Care And Chill Kind Of Day.” 

We all need a day like this! 

  1. “Trust Me. You Need Me To Knead You.” 

I love this quote because not only is it pretty funny and it sounds nice when read out loud, but it’s like a friendly reminder from your massage therapists to your clients. 

  1. “Monday: Nothing A Massage Can’t Fix.” 

Monday is the universal enemy to all 9 to 5 workers so this quote can help inspire your clients to fight those Monday blues with a relaxing massage.

  1. “They Say You Can’t Buy Happiness – But You Can Buy A Massage, And That’s Kind Of The Same Thing.” 

Indeed, money can’t buy happiness but I think we can all agree that a massage is close enough. This little quote is amusing and also serves as a reminder that we all deserve to treat ourselves to a massage once in a while. 

  1. “Hot Tub, Steam Room, Sauna, Massage, Repeat.” 

Again, I love this little mantra that would also look great written on the walls of your spa room, don’t you think?

  1. “Massage Therapists: Changing Lives One Appointment At A Time.” 

It’s always great to give your massage therapists a shout-out because they do life-changing work! Show them some appreciation with this quote to boost their morale and to remind your clients just how powerful a single massage can be. 

  1. “Massage Is Not A Luxury; It’s A Way Towards A Happier Life.” 

Massages and spa therapies are sometimes brushed off as luxuries but in truth, they are essential remedies to stress and tension. So, this means that massages and spa treatments can lead to happiness by guiding your clients toward a stress-reduced lifestyle, improving their wellness and self-being. 

  1. “Keep Calm And Get Your Spa Day On!” 

Taking advantage of this easily recognizable sentence structure, this quote is fun and quirky and helps boost your business’s friendly persona. 

  1. “The Greatest Gift You Can Give To Yourself Is A Little Bit Of Attention.” 

After long periods of hard work and caring for others, it’s easy to forget to look after ourselves once in a while. This quote is great for encouraging your clients to put themselves first for once and to give themselves some attention and self-love via a trip to your spa. 

  1. “Take A Deep Breath And Just Enjoy Life.” 

Breathing can help with relaxation and this quote serves as a great reminder to your clients that sometimes, they need to just take in a deep breath and enjoy life (by booking an appointment at your spa, of course).

  1. “Fall In Love With Self-Care.” 

This quote could be a great way to promote your business during Valentine’s Day as although the holiday usually centers around loving others, it’s also important to love ourselves and show that love through treatment and care. 

  1. “What If We Recharged Ourselves As Often As We Did With Our Phones?”

We live in a world where technology rules but it’s important to switch off and remind ourselves about the natural, living aspects of our world – like our own bodies! 

  1. “Taking Time Out Of Each Day To Relax And Renew Is Essential To Living Well.” 

This is another quote that just shows how important a trip to your spa is when it comes to wellness and healthy living. 

  1. “Sometimes, You Need To Just Let Go And Have A Spa Day!” 

Most visitors to your spa will be those under a lot of stress and emotional pain. Use this quote to remind them that you offer treatments that can help ease that kind of suffering. 

  1. “Your Calm Mind Is The Ultimate Weapon Against Your Challenges.” 

A relaxed, calm mind can help strengthen you in your challenges. This quote here reminds your clients of that fact and can inspire them to seek out your spa so they can feel relaxed and ready to take on the world. 

  1. “Do Something Your Future Self Will Thank You For.” 

It’s easy to put off something until we look back and wish we had done it earlier – but this quote can help your clients choose to treat their future selves one day by relaxing and resting so they are not worn out before their day has even begun!

  1. “True Meditation Is Letting Go Of Manipulating Our Experiences.” 

Control is one of the flaws that we all need to overcome if we want to relax and recharge. We often want to be in control of our emotions and experiences, but letting go and allowing someone else to manipulate our experience is necessary for relaxation. 

  1. “Saturday Is A Day For The Spa. Relax, Indulge, Enjoy And Love Yourself Too.” 

This quote is ideal for promoting your business during the weekend so use it alongside news of deals or open spaces in your books.

  1. “A Field That Has Rested Gives A Bountiful Crop.” 

This idiom serves as a way to encourage your clients to think about the state of their mind and body – and perhaps be the push they need to book an appointment.

  1. “Touch The Body. Heal The Mind. Calm The Spirit.” 

This mantra would look amazing written on your spa’s walls and on its social media wall too! 

  1. “So Sorry, I Couldn’t See You Through The Cucumbers On My Eyes.” 

Humor and laughter are great for helping nervous or anxious customers relax and unwind before their treatment so treat them all with this little quote to get them to lower their walls before settling down for their treatment. 

  1. “Go On – Treat Yourself.” 

This is the kind of encouragement we all need when undecided about booking a spa appointment. 

  1. “Thinking Only Pillow Thoughts.” 

Everyone wants to be in that relaxed state when we are face down on the pillows on a massage table. So, remind your clients just how wonderful those thoughts are with this little quote. 

  1. “All I Want Is World Peace – And A Pedicure.”

We’re allowed to be a little selfish at times. 


And those are my favorite spa and massage therapy quotes that you can use on your spa’s walls or on social media. 

Each one is very inspirational and could be the nudge your clients need to decide to book an appointment.

Remember the importance of social media and set up your posts ready to reach a whole new client base. Good luck!

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